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2016 company Spring Festival party report

Time:Mar 17, 2021 Source: Views:6

Time flies and time changes. The busy year of 2015 has passed in a twinkling of an eye, and the year of 2016 full of expectations is coming to us. In the New Year, new goals and hopes are born. The 2016 Spring Festival Party was held in the hotel on January 24th. Leaders and colleagues of the company gathered together happily.

On the site of the annual meeting, the partners from all departments brought various forms of dazzling performances, such as dancing, singing, cross talk, skits, personality series, etc., intermixed with novel and unique games, everyone devoted to them, presenting the happy feast of Jitaike this big family.

The general manager of the company sent a message of congratulations for the Spring Festival, briefly reviewed the major achievements made in 2015, affirmed and encouraged the efforts and efforts of all departments of the company, and proposed the new development direction and goals of the company in 2016.

On the spot, the leaders of the company interacted with the employees, and the exciting recognition set off the climax of the annual meeting. During the activity, the rain of red envelopes moistened everyone's heart. The whole annual meeting ended successfully in a harmonious, warm and joyful atmosphere.

The New Year, a new starting point, let us go hand in hand, together to create a better tomorrow!